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An authority in holistic wellness and TRU Body Savant, Alicia Gilbert presents...

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Replays Only

Dark Ocean

Where youthful energy, pain-free living, safe movement, and enjoying your life become your new normal!

Replay Option


  • 1 Replay training call each week for 12 weeks

  • 1 Replay Check-in, Q&A, demonstration call each week for 12 weeks

  • BONUS 1: Tools and Equipment Checklist

  • BONUS 2: Supplements Checklist




The time with Alicia is an experience not a work out.  I continue to be amazed with her ability to know what is happening in my body and gently guide me to make corrections and improvements. I have laughed to myself on many occasions during a private Pilates lesson, thinking to myself, "I don't think I'm working out" and then get into my car and every muscle is shaking.  The subtlety of her teaching has had a dramatic impact on my alignment, strength, balance and body awareness. When I leave her class I feel stronger, taller and more balanced in my body. She is a master Pilates instructor!

- Kendra D., Real Estate Broker

Why Alicia?

Alicia Gilbert is the founder of TRU Center, a Movement and Wellness studio for over 25 years. Alicia is also the curator of the TRU Wellness Program, producer of Full Circle Wellness Retreats, and developer of the all natural, Magnesium based, TRU Rx Essential Body Care line! 


During Alicia’s 25+ year training and professional tenure, she studied with some of the most renowned movement therapists, coaches, and educators around the globe, including but not only Irene Dowd of Juilliard, first-generation Pilates Master Cathy S. Grant, Second-Generation Masters Cara Resser and Amy Lange, Fascia specialist Tom Myers, Eric Dalton, USC speed coaches, British Champion Kick-Boxer, expert Nutritionist, holistic MD’s, and many more.

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Alicia works with people from a place of personal experience, having had many serious injuries and illness, from a life of living passionately and fully! She combines her skills as a Master Pilates Teacher, Movement Coach, Body Therapist, Personal Trainer, Fascia Expert, reiterated Professional Dancer, and nutritional geek, to bring a holistic experience of movement and wellness to all her clientele with a deep sense of care, passion, and understanding of the body and energetic.


​Her client list has included a range of A level celebrities, C class executives, Olympic and teen athletes, weekend warriors, and many many recovering from surgery and post-PT. 

And now Alicia welcomes clients seeking a holistic approach to movement and wellness to her new ONLINE TRU Movement and Wellness Community, with the introduction of the TRU WELLNESS PROGRAM!

This process is finding your TRU Center.

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Alicia’s History: Alicia was a professional dancer for 20 years, a personal trainer since age 19, active in kickboxing, cross-training, skating, hiking, tennis, other athletics, and always nutrition. Initially introduced to Pilates while rehabbing from a chronic injury resulting from the dance profession, and even with her extensive experience and education to date, she realized the need for a more comprehensive and integrative understanding.


So she continued her studies and graduated from The Pilates Center, recognized as the “Harvard of Pilates”, but this was just the beginning of her continuous, extensive education to actuate her passion for the healing system of the body and helping people achieve optimal energy and vitality through TRU Movement and Wellness!

For over 25 years, Alicia Gilbert has taught movement and wellness giving specific attention to the housing of the central nervous system; the spine, as this is the master conductor of our life! With a unique approach that incorporates the Essentials of Movement and Wellness like Breath Work, Spine Time, corrective exercise, Pilates/Contrology, Nutrition, Sun Exposure, and many other modalities, she helps people discover endless possibilities of uniform development, flexibility, strength, and overall health and vitality!

Alicia believes that staying TRU to your intention for wellness, and practices that engage the body as a whole system- ”Feet, Head, Hands”, creates a heightened awareness of ourselves not only in the studio but in our everyday lives.

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