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Alicia Gilbert

Move to Wellness!

Your TRU Movement Oasis...
Transform, Renew, U

At TRU Center we teach you a way to move that promotes healing and vitality, and how to experience this in a holistic way… Meaning, we want every move to be a whole body move, because the body is a system that works in symphony, not in pieces…

We do this through the Essential Movement Tools, moving your body like you’ve never experienced before… 

We blend different modalities to give you all of what your body needs; Breathwork, Contrology-Pilates, Spine Priming, Fascial Rolling, Bounding, Two Way Stretch, and more! 

And our TRU Movement Community is here to help you through each step on the way…

So come join us, and start finding to your TRU Center Now!


Enroll Now! Next Membership January 2023!

This Is Where You Start Your Journey to a TRU New YOU!
Move to Wellness
Start From the Ground Up

Start with the first 12 video modules that guide you through the Essential Movement Tools, safely building your strength and connection to your body in a holistic and deeper way than ever before! Then build on that foundation to a more advanced and challenging workout library, get sumptuous recipe guides, and enjoy TRU TIPS from the expert on movement patterns, dietary issues, food prepping, and more!

And when you have questions, get them answered in a LIVE Q & A once a week with founder Alicia Gilbert so you stay on track!

Plus, we're in this together! See what others are working through and help them as they help you on the path in the TRU Movement private FB group…Then stay connected with the latest with our monthly TRU Newsletters, with scrumptious recipes, the latest wellness technology, and apps, and all info to guide you to your TRU Center…

Now you’re on your way!

Restore and Renew
Your Next Level!

You will have access to the first 12 essential video modules guiding you through the building blocks to TRU Movement and Wellness! Because alignment and form is king! It has been proven; even hours of mindless movement -in any workout system- is useless in comparison to even 15 minutes of mindful TRU Movement… the nervous system doesn’t lie- it wants your attention! 😅

You also get access to our TRU Tips- 12 weeks of quick and vital info that may be the one key you needed to excel your wellness journey that day…

PLUS- you’ll be given the key to our private TRU Movement Community Chat! This is where so much happens! From finding others with your exact issues, to hearing their new found fitness gems, to hearing first about new products to help you on the path, to knowing you're not apart from all of us, to who knows- finding a new dog- Sam did! :)

And not the least, a monthly LIVE Q & A with the Founder- Alicia Gilbert! Get your questions heard and see what everyone else is doing! There's nothing like community to keep you going and motivated!

Ultimate Vitality
You, Accelerated!

Here's where the fun really starts!! With this accelerated 3-month program you’ll get to your health and body goals WAY faster!


Because ANYthing you want to change takes a minimum of 90 days to make happen- so do it with TRU Movement; focus aligned attention to repattern your body and mind.


And with 2 live sessions a week to jump-start your body into high gear, you’ll feel new vitality and understand your path to TRU Wellness!

Image by Anastasia Taioglou



The time with Alicia is an experience not a work out.  I continue to be amazed with her ability to know what is happening in my body and gently guide me to make corrections and improvements. I have laughed to myself on many occasions during a private Pilates lesson, thinking to myself, "I don't think I'm working out" and then get into my car and every muscle is shaking.  The subtlety of her teaching has had a dramatic impact on my alignment, strength, balance and body awareness. When I leave her class I feel stronger, taller and more balanced in my body. She is a master Pilates instructor!

- Kendra D., Real Estate Broker

Grab Your Free Wellness Kit!

Shop TRU Rx Essential Body Care

Welcome to our shop! I developed the TRU Rx Essential Body Care line because I found an important missing component in traditional “self-care” products- Essential Minerals!

As a whole nation, we are extremely depleted in minerals, one reason is the lack of nutrients in our food from our degenerated farming system, and generally, we are uninformed or misinformed about the paramount importance of minerals- they regulate over 300 functions in the body!

Maybe more important than taking vitamins!

And since taking minerals orally destroys up to 70% because they are water soluble, and of the acid in our digestive system, getting them transdermally- through the skin- is the best way!

And since the skin is our biggest organ, I developed the TRU-Rx line with all-natural ingredients as I believe we should be able to eat what we put on our skin!

But as good as they smell from the essential oils, please don’t snack on these!

With a base of coconut oil, essential oils, and a labor of love and care, just enjoy how your body feels restored and refreshed!

So get all your aches and pains soothed and healed with our Mega Magnesium Salve, protect those lips with our 40 SPF Bomb Balm lip balm, and nourish yourself with the Best Body Butter ever!


The Private Studio

Our beautiful studio is an open and airy loft-style space with 15-foot ceilings to make you feel ready to fly!

And with alkaline water to quench your thirst and lots of natural light to nourish your soul, you'll feel this is the place you can heal, repair, and renew to a whole new you!

And with hands-on personal instruction, you get an experience unmatched!

Our highly trained and veteran teacher-practitioners offer a range of teaching styles and levels for all.

Plus, get exclusive in-person time with founder Alicia Gilbert!

Image - 2022-08-17T113719.945.png


TRU Center is designed for athletes who are looking for a challenging workout that combines strength and cardio training.



Your body is like no other body and you deserve a fitness program that’s designed specifically around your needs. 

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Our Physiotherapy program uses pilates techniques to target specific areas that you need to strengthen and rebuild.

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