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The Private Studio

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Come visit this TRU Movement Oasis!

Our beautiful studio is an open and airy loft-style space with 15-foot ceilings to make you feel ready to fly!

And with alkaline water to quench your thirst and lots of natural light to nourish your soul, you'll feel this is the place you can heal, repair, and renew to a whole new you!

And with hands-on personal instruction, you get an experience unmatched!

Our highly trained and veteran teacher-practitioners offer a range of teaching styles and levels for all.

Plus, get exclusive in-person time with founder Alicia Gilbert!

Move Your Body to Ultimate Wellness!


Our Physiotherapy program uses pilates techniques to target specific areas that you need to strengthen and rebuild.

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Your body is like no other body and you deserve a fitness program that’s designed specifically around your needs. Where do you have pain? Where are you weak? What do YOU need to do to wake up feeling amazing every day so you can go about your life with confidence and comfort. Our trainers specialize in private training sessions. We take the time to know your individual needs and detail out a program to help you be the best you, in body and mind.


Our Physiotherapy program uses pilates techniques to target specific areas that you need to strengthen and rebuild.

Physio Therapy
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The time with Alicia is an experience not a work out.  I continue to be amazed with her ability to know what is happening in my body and gently guide me to make corrections and improvements. I have laughed to myself on many occasions during a private Pilates lesson, thinking to myself, "I don't think I'm working out" and then get into my car and every muscle is shaking.  The subtlety of her teaching has had a dramatic impact on my alignment, strength, balance and body awareness. When I leave her class I feel stronger, taller and more balanced in my body. She is a master Pilates instructor!

- Kendra D., Real Estate Broker

Location In North Redondo Beach

Located in North Redondo Beach California, our special spot has lofty feeling with 15’ ceilings, wood floors, tons of natural light, and best of all, a private parking lot! LOL :)

We also offer Alkaline water for your refreshment as well as all our 

TRU Rx Essentials.

So come see us soon!

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