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Welcome to the TRU
Rx Body Care Shop!

TRU Rx Essential Body Care line actually started because of my own need to find all natural products as I was going through a detox from mold poisoning! And through this journey found learned a ton!

And one element was most products were missing an important component in traditional “self-care” products- Essential Minerals- especially MAGNESIUM!

As a nation, we are extremely depleted in minerals, one reason is the lack of nutrients in our food from our degenerated farming system, and generally, we are uninformed or misinformed about the paramount importance of minerals- they regulate over 300 functions in the body!

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We Care About The Ingredients Used !

Maybe more important than taking vitamins!

And since taking minerals orally destroys up to 70% because they are water soluble, and of the acid in our digestive system, getting them transdermally- through the skin- is the best way! And since the skin is our biggest organ, I developed the TRU-Rx line with all-natural ingredients as I believe we should be able to eat what we put on our skin!

But as good as they smell from the essential oils, please don’t snack on these! (laughing emoji)...

With a base of coconut oil, essential oils, and a labor of love and care, just enjoy how your body feels restored and refreshed! (Link to Shop)

So get all your aches and pains soothed and healed with our Mega Magnesium Salve, protect those lips with our 40 SP Bomb Balm lip balm, and nourish yourself with the Best Body Butter ever!


More Products Coming Soon!


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