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An authority in holistic wellness and TRU Body Savant, Alicia Gilbert presents...



Dark Ocean

Where youthful energy, pain-free living, safe movement, and enjoying your life become your new normal!

You are not designed to live in pain...

Your pain is fixable. Imagine never having to say no to FUN again because of discomfort in your body! 


You don't have to feel trapped in your body with aches, pains, or injuries, or feel limited in your active life!

With the Total Body Wellness Program, you can actually go through your day pain-free. You can surf, hike, or play with your loved ones with ease!!! 

Feel safe in your body, whether post injury or chronic issues.

Just because you have had an injury or a chronic issue doesn’t mean you have to suffer… there is a way out!!!

You can live with vitality again, have mobility, and be full of energy!

You’ve probably “tried everything”... So many of my clients come to me having seen all types of specialists with no real lasting change, or no change at all. 


They think the only thing they can do next is surgery or just deal with it. 


I know there is another way. There are fundamental laws and things at play that I teach you to transform your life and relieve your pain. 


Feeling fatigued without the tools to get your momentum back?

Allure Masterclass Sign up (7)-min (1).png
Vibrant daily energy is not in your past never to be reclaimed!!!

You can have a zest for life and feel more balanced using the TOTAL BODY WELLNESS PROGRAM... 

If you feel sluggish, unmotivated, and have a hard time sleeping, you are in the right place!!! 

We remove what is keeping your energy low and add what will give you that sense of oomph and zest. 


You are full of massive energy and it’s easy to keep up with your robust lifestyle and your loved ones!! You feel like you can fully enjoy your life without having to sit ANY of it out!

You feel strong, secure, and 100% confident in your own body. 

You are finally out of pain after all of these years and see a vast improvement in your mobility. You are able to do things you haven’t been able to do in a very long time or have been too scared to do! 

You’re sleeping like a baby and your nervous system is totally balanced!   

You’ve been able to ditch the traditional external pain solutions and medications because you feel so GOOD on a day-to-day basis.

You play, jump, surf, run, are fully active, and feel in total harmony with your body.  

People keep coming up to you saying you look more energized and more alive than ever. 

You know your own physical and energetic queues... and exactly what to do when you hear them! You can, now, in the moment, create healing for yourself!!!

This is the kick in the pants you've been looking for!!


This is like having a coach, nutritionist, breathwork facilitator, bodyworker, and healer

What you get...

What you get in this incredible

Image by Ashlyn Ciara


Creating Your Endless Well of Wellness

This is a total lifestyle change. I teach you how to make this whole process easy, not grueling or difficult. Do not miss the orientation because this sets the foundation on how to make your TRU vitality and wellness stick for good! By the end, you will know the absolute key essentials for making these results last a lifetime and become the ongoing habits you’ve been longing to create for yourself.   


Value: $1250



The 8 Essentials of Wellness

You will learn the 8 essentials of wellness and why they are vitally important a.k.a. non-negotiables to your pain-free, vibrant, strong, happy, and sexy life! You will learn HOW to integrate the 8 essentials into your life in a way that makes sense to YOU! No more doing what you think you’re “supposed” to, only lose interest a week later. The 8 Essentials will be your core focus throughout the entire program so that you can sustain your wellness with ease throughout your whole life!        


Value: $1250

Image by Merri J


From the Ground Up–Strength + Mobility with Your Feet

There are more nerve endings in your feet, hands, and head than anywhere else in your body. You adapt and propel from your feet which keeps you agile, standing upright, and balanced. 

In this module, you will learn about stability, balanced strength, and proper movement. 

Have knee injuries? That healing starts in your foot. You awaken the neuro/physio connections from your feet to the base of your core/hips. This not only makes you strong now, but you are protecting your body against injury in the future. Defy gravity and gain longevity, balance, and strength long term!  


Expect to:

  • Feel completely stable in your entire body, because you have full-body balance.

  • Feel you have complete control of your body in any movement because you have a strong foundation starting from your feet to your core, and all the way up to your ears!

  • Be able to do more than you ever thought possible because your body is working in harmony.

  • Be able to adapt to all different terrains, because the 33 joints in your feet are all working as they should.

  • Feel more grounded because you literally have woken up your feet!


Value: $1250

Man Drinking Water


Energy and Alignment with "Spine Time"

Your spine is the house of your nervous system and it regulates everything. 


From gut health, brain health, heart health, metabolic health, hormones, all of it…

If you’ve ever had a pinched nerve you know how painful that can be. Like an accident on the freeway, it can bottleneck everything and create havoc. 

This module is like learning how to do almost like your own acupuncture on your body (without needles, don’t worry!!). 

If you’re having digestive issues there is likely toxicity and inflammation in your body. When you get your system flowing, inflammation lessens, mobility increases, you have more blood flow, more oxygenation, and more breath function. P.S. Your ability to assimilate oxygen is what also burns fat! 

Value: $1250



The Nervous System Controls All

It all starts with the nervous system. Learn how to regulate this amazing system to your maximum benefit.  

  • Mitigate anxiety. 

  • Calm the nervous system. 

  • Regulate blood pressure and pulse. 

  • Create well-being and calm.

  • Begin the mind-body connection. 

  • Get out of the mind and you start to learn how your brain communicates with the body. 


When you’re connected to the body, you limit your risk of injury and you are more in control of your body and its movements. This module covers truly learning how to create the mind-body connection and it's importance for optimal well-being!

Value: $1250

Image by Mariana Medvedeva


Food & Hydration Hacks

You already know what we eat plays a major part in your holistic health... but figuring out what is best for you can feel overwhelming with all the information floating around. 

This module is all about finding what works for you so you get what you need without feeling deprived. Find out what foods help you and why, and what alternatives are available for the foods that are not benefiting you, that you still may crave…  

I teach you how to re-frame what “healthy eating” is, and understand it is nourishment… and the science behind the whole food thing- so it actually makes sense! We of course will address your mindset around this to make it fun and easy, not a burden or restriction! Plus, all my hacks, the 90/10 rule, and THEN the 80/20 rule!

PLUS, your hydration is the river that makes the WHOLE BODY WORK! Your body is an electrical system. The water and nutrients are what make it light up!! Literally- ELECTRA-lyghts?!


When you have authority over your nutrients and hydration, then, your body will feel fresh, energized, and ready to fly! P.S. drinking more plain water doesn’t get you there- it only gets you running to the bathroom 20x a day! 🤪

Value: $1250



The Time-Saving, Safe, Big Impact Movement

There are a ton of benefits of Isometrics, and we dive deep in this module…

What I teach in this module will save you time, is low impact to reduce the risk of injury, will build strength as we progress into more movement, increases balance, improves flexibility, even improves cognitive health, and so much more! 

5 minutes of neuro/physio moves in this module is equivalent to 3 miles of high-knee running. Yep, no joke! 

You will build mobility and strength through your WHOLE structure allowing you to have a healthy active life to do everything you want, SAFETLY! 

You’ll remove the fear of falling, all while dissipating and erasing pain within your body…

AND these movements can be done anywhere without equipment. On a phone call, waiting in line, at the airport, getting gas or an EV charge! ☺️

Increase strength, stability, mobility, metabolism, proprioception, recovery, longevity, and more!

Value: $1250



TRU Movement "Activated" Stretch & Mobility 1

Gently wake your body first thing in the morning! Get your body moving and bring energy to your whole system, feel awakened without chaos-no need to spike cortisol yet… Timing is important, better to prepare the body to sit/meditate, journal, (and not sleep! LOL). Feel grounded, mobile, and awake!

Get into this “Activated Stretch” to get centered before the busy day takes you away!

Feel grounded in your feet- integrating your new foot protocol- feel mobile in your hips to move freely throughout your day, bring the power of the sun into your body, and give yourself power and energy to tackle all your tasks with clarity, energy, and focus. In addition to being amazing for your whole system, it’s really the ultimate productivity hack!

Value: $1250

Pilates Exercise


TRU Movement "Contrology 1"

Here’s where the real fun starts!! Juice that system, move that body, with all the “inner tools” you’ve learned so far along the way! 

This is a foundational sequence of moves that strengthens, lengthens, and makes you feel like a cat ready to pounce! Defy gravity, and feel the laws of Physics in your body! Making you more flexible, agile, and ready to handle any of life's surprises!

All you need is a mat… And I take you through these specific foundational building block exercises, moving from the inside out. And you will use these moves for all else to come…

Value: $1250



Lymphatic Drainage for Ultimate Health

Your lymphatic system is like a septic tank and it needs cleaning out! Regularly... With 3 times more fluid than the blood in your body, it needs consistent attention, and will in turn will make you feel energized and lighter than ever before!

By attending to the flushing system you release toxins that are held in your tissues and lymph nodes. Draining the body of these toxins boosts your immunity, protects you from disease and infection, helps with fat absorption, and much more! 

So you’re going to get rolling and bouncing! And before you think “oh no this isn't for me”… this can really benefit you. You’ll learn different techniques and protocols to drain the lymph system and get a workout going that fits your specific body! 

Feel clean and bursting with new and sentient energy!

Value: $1250

Yoga Mats

On to the next level! Build on what you’ve got with the next sequence of Contrology Mat play! This will give you even more strength, more mobility, and more energy than ever before. We are always leveling up! 

Integrate your new TRU Movement skills and see what powerful control of your body feels like! These exercises are designed in a specific sequence to incorporate the power of your breath and core to juice your system and awaken your energy source! 

So here we go!

Value: $1250


TRU Movement "Contrology 2"



TRU Movement "Activated" Stretch & Mobility 2

Here we get into the specific power and strength hidden in the depth of your powerhouse center...your Hips! 

This is the seat of the core and where all drive, force, and stability, come from! Never feel like you’re weak or immobile again! 

AND, studies show the stronger and more mobile your hips are, the longer, better life you’ll live! Including adding 13 years of agile lifespan! Feel agile, and spry, even if you don’t know why! (OMG I’m rhyming - but that’s how important it is! 😂)

Value: $1250

Image by Jason Dent


Celebrating You

What we celebrate creates an engram in our minds and hearts that allows us to continue on successfully in our journey! Share all our wins… Acknowledge all our gains… Reflect on all our goals… Set new standards and verbalize all the new life tools to achieve even higher goals!     

Value: $1250

TOTAL VALUE: $16,250

Image by Kelly Sikkema


Tools + Equipment Recommendations

No need to search high and low for the best products that will support you in this journey. I have curated a shopping list for you to get all the highest quality and great-priced tools and minimal equipment so you can have the best results!         

Value: $497



Supplement Recommendations

Just knowing what supplements will actually benefit you can be a huge game-changer. With this bonus, I will check in on your journal and shared food tracker app. I also provide nutritional hacks that better your choices and help skyrocket your energy instead of making you crash at 2 pm. Plus, I will provide you general supplement recommendations that assist in immunity, energy, muscle building and performance!           

Value: $997





This is like having a coach, nutritionist, breathwork facilitator, bodyworker, and healer

Dark Ocean


TRU Wellness  Alicia Gilbert BRAND ONE SHEET_edited.png



  • 1 LIVE training call each week for 12 weeks

  • 1 LIVE Check-in, Q&A, demonstration call each week for 12 weeks

  • Access to all replays

  • Connect with fun, likeminded people

  • Accountability from me so you stay on track.

  • BONUS 1: Tools and Equipment Checklist

  • BONUS 2: Supplements Checklist

Allure Masterclass Sign up (8)-min.png



Want the Ultimate transformation and FAST! 

Includes Everything in Tier 1

Add 3 - 45-minute  1:1 virtual sessions with Alicia for personalized fast-track attention.

Anchor 2



The time with Alicia is an experience not a work out.  I continue to be amazed with her ability to know what is happening in my body and gently guide me to make corrections and improvements. I have laughed to myself on many occasions during a private Pilates lesson, thinking to myself, "I don't think I'm working out" and then get into my car and every muscle is shaking.  The subtlety of her teaching has had a dramatic impact on my alignment, strength, balance and body awareness. When I leave her class I feel stronger, taller and more balanced in my body. She is a master Pilates instructor!

- Kendra D., Real Estate Broker

Why Alicia?

Alicia Gilbert is the founder of TRU Center, a Movement and Wellness studio for over 25 years. Alicia is also the curator of the TRU Wellness Program, producer of Full Circle Wellness Retreats, and developer of the all natural, Magnesium based, TRU Rx Essential Body Care line! 


During Alicia’s 25+ year training and professional tenure, she studied with some of the most renowned movement therapists, coaches, and educators around the globe, including but not only Irene Dowd of Juilliard, first-generation Pilates Master Cathy S. Grant, Second-Generation Masters Cara Resser and Amy Lange, Fascia specialist Tom Myers, Eric Dalton, USC speed coaches, British Champion Kick-Boxer, expert Nutritionist, holistic MD’s, and many more.

TRU Wellness  Alicia Gilbert BRAND ONE SHEET_edited.png

Alicia works with people from a place of personal experience, having had many serious injuries and illness, from a life of living passionately and fully! She combines her skills as a Master Pilates Teacher, Movement Coach, Body Therapist, Personal Trainer, Fascia Expert, reiterated Professional Dancer, and nutritional geek, to bring a holistic experience of movement and wellness to all her clientele with a deep sense of care, passion, and understanding of the body and energetic.


​Her client list has included a range of A level celebrities, C class executives, Olympic and teen athletes, weekend warriors, and many many recovering from surgery and post-PT. 

And now Alicia welcomes clients seeking a holistic approach to movement and wellness to her new ONLINE TRU Movement and Wellness Community, with the introduction of the TRU WELLNESS PROGRAM!

This process is finding your TRU Center.

Allure Masterclass Sign up (8)-min.png

Alicia’s History: Alicia was a professional dancer for 20 years, a personal trainer since age 19, active in kickboxing, cross-training, skating, hiking, tennis, other athletics, and always nutrition. Initially introduced to Pilates while rehabbing from a chronic injury resulting from the dance profession, and even with her extensive experience and education to date, she realized the need for a more comprehensive and integrative understanding.


So she continued her studies and graduated from The Pilates Center, recognized as the “Harvard of Pilates”, but this was just the beginning of her continuous, extensive education to actuate her passion for the healing system of the body and helping people achieve optimal energy and vitality through TRU Movement and Wellness!

For over 25 years, Alicia Gilbert has taught movement and wellness giving specific attention to the housing of the central nervous system; the spine, as this is the master conductor of our life! With a unique approach that incorporates the Essentials of Movement and Wellness like Breath Work, Spine Time, corrective exercise, Pilates/Contrology, Nutrition, Sun Exposure, and many other modalities, she helps people discover endless possibilities of uniform development, flexibility, strength, and overall health and vitality!

Alicia believes that staying TRU to your intention for wellness, and practices that engage the body as a whole system- ”Feet, Head, Hands”, creates a heightened awareness of ourselves not only in the studio but in our everyday lives.


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